Will my insurance cover counselling?

insurance cover Canadian Certified Counsellor

Many insurance plans offer some level of coverage for counselling sessions with a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC). The amount of coverage can vary depending on your insurance provider and the type of plan you have. Some plans may cover a certain number of sessions per year, while others may cover a percentage of the cost per session.

To find out if your insurance provider offers coverage for counselling, you can check your policy or contact your provider directly. If your provider does offer coverage, you’ll want to find out what the specific requirements are for reimbursement. This may include providing documentation such as receipts or a letter from your CCC confirming the number of sessions attended. If you’re looking for a CCC who is registered with your insurance provider, you can search the insurance company’s online directory or contact them directly to ask for a list of registered providers. Rosewood Counselling provides receipts you can submit to your insurance company but does not direct bill insurance companies.

Insurance coverage for counselling with CCCs can vary depending on the specific insurance policy and the insurance provider. Even if they do not explicitly cover counselling services, many insurance companies have a Health Spending Account or the option to see a counsellor through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP). Here are some insurance companies in Canada that may cover counselling services provided by CCCs:

  1. Sun Life Financial. Several Rosewood Counselling clients have been reimbursed by Sun Life Financial.
  2. Pacific Blue Cross and Alberta Blue Cross. Each Blue Cross organization operates independently and offers health insurance plans specific to their respective provinces.
  3. Manulife Financial. Several Rosewood Counselling clients have been reimbursed by Manulife Financial.
  4. Equitable Life of Canada
  5. Green Shield Canada is a not-for-profit insurance provider.
  6. Desjardins Insurance
  7. Johnston Group
  8. Canada Life (formerly known as Great-West Life, London Life, and Canada Life)

It’s important to note that coverage for counselling services can vary widely based on the specific insurance plan, policy terms, and the individual’s coverage. To ensure accurate and up-to-date information about coverage for counselling services, it is recommended to contact the insurance provider directly or consult with an insurance broker who can assist in navigating insurance policies.

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